As a versatile writing professional, I like to go beyond mere “content generation” for my clients.  You’ve worked hard establishing your small business, your clientele, or your web audience.  You need someone to tell your story–your business’ story; your brand’s story; maybe even your life story.  So where do you start trying to find a writer to suit your needs?

You’ve typed this into Google: I need a blog writer; where do I find a good content writer; how much should I pay a writer?  You’ve banged your head against the wall trying to run your own business, manage your employees, get the kids off to school, walk the dog, and find time for a meal–so you’d love nothing more than to sit around and blog or create copy that will drive your target to your website or business service.  Right?

This is where I come in.  My name is Ryan Latini.

I’ve written for many different audiences: literary criticism for “The Schuylkill Valley Journal”; blogs covering events for South Jersey dog lovers; creative nonfiction stories about hunting for an online literary magazine; and DIY guides to bridal showers for wedding websites.  I’ve written profiles on an epidemiologists and a New York City Chinatown ice cream factory.  I am versed in adapting various voices based on the needs of clients, publications, and audiences.

But most of all, I love telling stories.  Whether in a barroom, a boardroom, or on a blog, the duty of the storyteller is the same—convey a message to an audience, elicit a reaction, and become a trusted voice.

Fill out the info on my contact page, and let’s get together for a free consultation and tell some stories!


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