Walt Whitman’s Grave Concern

The tomb looked like blocks from Stonehenge had been unearthed and carved into the shape of a little house. It was crude and unadorned. Someone had placed a little flower and a pumpkin in front of the gate that sealed... Continue Reading →

How should I sign-off my emails? 3 rules for email signatures.

How you sign your correspondence matters, especially in modern communication where a lack of tone is compensated for in diction. Are you compensating correctly?

THE GULLY: REMNANTS OF A RAILROAD (or, Writer Battles Nostalgia–And Loses [Everytime])

So maybe that is it. It will cease to be if I don’t speak it, write it, retell the retellings, etc.

Writing Google AdWords: 4 Tips to Writing Concise, but Effective Ads

Paying Attention--Paying for Attention--Paying a Price when Attention Isn't Paid Attention is a commodity with an ever-increasing cost—that’s because of a drastic decrease in supply.  It's become an antique, an artifact--priceless.  The quest has become seemingly weaponized.  Our media devices... Continue Reading →

Your brand is a real character (at least it should be)

After watching local news coverage of a recent health initiative against soft drinks, I noticed people interviewed on the street taking the quest to ban sugary drinks personally.  I found that I was taking it personally as well.  Not from... Continue Reading →

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