Jealous of Creation: Rebelling Against the Random with the Deliberate

Sooth your cornovirus anxiety with...Oh, wait, this wont help.  Not one bit.  We can at least remedy annihilation with a look at Ex Machina, Frankenstein, Alex Garland, Shelly and Mel Brooks. 

Walt Whitman’s Grave Concern

The tomb looked like blocks from Stonehenge had been unearthed and carved into the shape of a little house. It was crude and unadorned. Someone had placed a little flower and a pumpkin in front of the gate that sealed... Continue Reading →

How should I sign-off my emails? 3 rules for email signatures.

How you sign your correspondence matters, especially in modern communication where a lack of tone is compensated for in diction. Are you compensating correctly?

THE GULLY: REMNANTS OF A RAILROAD (or, Writer Battles Nostalgia–And Loses [Everytime])

So maybe that is it. It will cease to be if I don’t speak it, write it, retell the retellings, etc.

Writing Google AdWords: 4 Tips to Writing Concise, but Effective Ads

Paying Attention--Paying for Attention--Paying a Price when Attention Isn't Paid Attention is a commodity with an ever-increasing cost—that’s because of a drastic decrease in supply.  It's become an antique, an artifact--priceless.  The quest has become seemingly weaponized.  Our media devices... Continue Reading →

Your brand is a real character (at least it should be)

After watching local news coverage of a recent health initiative against soft drinks, I noticed people interviewed on the street taking the quest to ban sugary drinks personally.  I found that I was taking it personally as well.  Not from... Continue Reading →

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